Brooklyn Walker

Brooklyn Walker photographed in his home studio. 

Brooklyn Walker is a 25-year-old, self-taught visual artist from Texarkana, Texas. As a child, Brooklyn was interested in all things creative. His art style varies upon his creative inspiration and tends to change as a result of artistic growth. Brooklyn's artwork is of mixed media. He specializes in mixing charcoal and graphite pencil with Indian ink, as well as using acrylic paints. He is well known for his photorealistic paintings and drawings. Attention to detail is most important when Brooklyn creates works on a large scale. He also has experience working in photography, graphic design, photo/video editing, and music production. He utilizes his various artistic skills when coming up with new art projects such as A Blossom to the Unknown and Black Prestige. 

 "I like to think that I have a unique approach to the art world. My goal is to be more creative and visually dynamic with each new project that I start. My inspiration comes from many different styles and forms of art, which allows me to create something that feels very familiar but with a unique presentation. Adding different elements of creativity to my projects, I feel that elevates the art. With my knowledge in various forms, I like building concepts around the artwork that I do, which gives me a sense that my viewers have a more complete, visual experience."

- Brooklyn Walker


Brooklyn is also the founder and creative director of Walker Creative Arts. He started the creative brand on June 20, 2018. It was initially an online commission-based service for drawings of family portraits. Brooklyn knew that with time, Walker Creative Arts had the potential to grow to something bigger. On October 22, 2020, Brooklyn launched his website for Walker Creative Arts, where people can now view his current projects and purchase merchandise based on his work.